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How do, now we’ve looked at this on a number of occasions and we are still to come up with a solution so we’re putting it out there. We need someone (or even someones) to shoot our gigs, it’s not that the shakey action shots of a few helpful regulars aren’t appreciated, they are, it’s just we’d like to have some really smart photographic evidence of what we’ve done.

We aren’t asking for David Bailey or owt, we don’t require hours of photoshopping (in fact we’d rather not have any) but we would like someone(s) who can handle a camera properly, knows a bit about about lighting, f-stops, composition etc. If you’re a such photographer, based in Saltburn or surrounding area would be ideal, and you fancy taking up the mantle of unofficial, unpaid, probably under-appreciated photographer for 4 People Not Profit and you are able to come to the gigs and film nights (or even just some) then get in touch. A beer or two and exposure (‘scuse the pun) is what’s on offer, and our eternal gratitude from saving use from Justin’s action shots.

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