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Massive thanks to everyone who contributed to the 4 people not profit gig to raise money for compost toilets in the villages, some also went to a local school to buy essential resouces they needed. it was much appreciated by the organizers of the project and will really make a difference to the villagers lives there, See my page for photo’s from the trip showing a toilet being built and one they had already completed. Also some pics of us teaching in the school.
Also i think i can speak for all of us to fully reccomend that others should also go out there and do volunteer work. Its a beautiful lodge you stay in with lovely staff set in a near paradise. The work you do there really helps the local people and has tangible benefits to the community. And on top of that the local people from the villages are very warm and friendly and you feel completly safe there. It’s a fantastic opportunity to become part of a rural african community, do very worhwhile work, while chillin in such a relaxed place and with access to lots of very cheap booze!!!!! ha ha Whats not to love!! More infomation see
So big thanks again to everyone who made the gig so special before we went, from everyone who played and helped make it happen to all you lovely people who came down and contributed so generously. 4 PEOPLE NOT PROFIT LOVES YOU ALL!!!!!



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