4 People Not Profit aim to promote and support various human rights and social justice issues through a variety of nights in Saltburn and Middlesbrough and surrounding Teesside area. We aim for the nights we put on to raise awareness of serious issues but in a party atmosphere supporting local bands and dj’s and other interesting and different music. We operate as a co-operative association of people working together in a non profit making basis to put on nights which are free and open to anybody.

We have a very open policy in that any locals bands or dj’s can play as long as they make their own original music and have so far had a range from Irish folk to indie bands and acoustic artists to hip hop artists. We are always looking for new talented bands/musicians in the area to play for us. We are also open to other people coming to join our group or just help out as much or as little as they can, see contacts section if you can help.

The gigs we have done have been great to promote social justice and human rights causes that we really believe in and put a vehicle out there to promote a different way of doing things to the traditional corporate consumerist greed driven model. We try and provide an alternative based on community focused, open access and co operatively driven non profit model. As the fantastic quote by Gandhi goes ‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world’ We have created something that promotes the values we believe in and given space to put on free gigs, creating great parties and highlighting serious issues and causes.


Justin York